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Purple Stripe
About us

Filaree Garlic Farm has been an independently owned grower and supplier of premium quality garlic seed for 28 years.  As keepers of the largest privately held collection of garlic in North America, our mission is to preserve and provide others with the opportunity to grow our more than 100 strains of garlic- collected from throughout the world. In recent years we have added several new seed products including shallot sets, seed potatoes and sweet potato plants. We serve organic gardeners, plant nurseries, and small-scale commercial growers.



What we grow



We have had the extreme pleasure of sharing with other garlic lovers the uncommon, exotic strains as well as the familiar, reliable ones. We have in our collection varieties that range from fiery hot to relatively mild, those that are sublime roasted and others that are unsurpassed raw. We have some with large, easily peeled cloves and others that will keep a full 12 months. They grow in different shapes and sizes and many combinations of colors. Our garlic is heirloom, non-GMO, certified organic!



We grow a 'true' shallot variety called "Dutch Red" that is grown similarly to garlic, in that each shallot clove is separated and planted to produce a new shallot cluster.  It is a heirloom variety with copper-red skin and a delicate sweet flavor.

We are also now offering "French Grey!" An elongated 'true' shallot, the tough skin covers beautiful white and purple flesh.



Our seed potatoes are 'double' certified as organic and as seed quality. This means that they have passed Washington State's strict testing for disease and virus.  We offer over 10 varieties of potatoes from versatile heirloom favorites to rare fingerling types. Our well rounded potato packs offer customers a mix of colors, cooking characteristics, flavor, and shapes for every garden size.



Our newest seed offering in one that we are very excited about. We are now growing sweet potato slips! 'Slips' are a funny term used to describe the bare rooted sprouts that are produced by sweet potatoes when grown for seed.  These slips are shipped bare-rooted and planted directly into the soil where they form a root system and produce a gorgeous crop of sweet potatoes! We offer a variety of sweet potatoes including orange fleshed standards and rare purple and white varieties.



Where We Grow

Filaree Garlic Farm is located in North Central Washington State in the sunny Okanogan Valley. We are 200 miles from the coast and 50 miles south of the Canadian border.  We have mild winters considering our northern latitude.  Our summers are typically hot and dry.  Our irrigation water is sourced from streams fed by snowpack in the Cascade Mountains.



Organic only!

We are certified annually by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. All of our seed is certified organic*. We grow most of the garlic we sell and purchase the rest from other small, certified organic farmers in the NW whom we know and trust.

*On occasion we offer seed that is grown using 100% organic methods, but that is not certified organic. You will see these varieties clearly noted as "Certified Naturally Grown." The naturally grown certification is a grass-roots model used by farms throughout the country. You can read more about this certification here!




Nematode Free

Oregon State University Extension Service- Botany and Plant Pathology lab confirmed no presense of Ditylenchus dipsaci, stem and neck or bloat nematode.