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Fingerling Potato Pack

For the small garden. A selection of three Fingerling varieties: Banana, French Fingerling, and Rose Finn

1 lb of each variety. 3 lbs total.

*varieties subject to change*


  • Banana Fingerling-  The superstar of the fingerlings and the easiest to grow. Developed in the Baltic Region of Europe/Asia and heralded as excellent for salads, it is a favorite among chefs and gourmet markets. Yellow banana-shaped, waxy tubers with firm texture that have wonderful flavor baked, boiled and steamed. High yielding with good disease resistance. Mid-Season. 90 days.
  • French Fingerling-  Vibrant rosy skin with creamy yellow flesh that contains a streak of pink. A truly striking potato. Very versatile and easy to clean in the kitchen. Different from other Fingerling varieties in it's uniformity, larger size, and excellent production. Stores well. Mid-Season. 85-110 days.
  • Rose Finn Fingerling-  Rosy skin and full flavored, many growers favorite fingerling. Sometimes called 'Rose Finn Apple'. Some resistance to Scab. Potatoes grow close to surface so hill them well. Stores well. 90-110 days


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