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Marbled Purple Stripe Seed Garlic

Marbled Purple Stripe strains have become very popular with Filaree customers in recent years.  They stand apart from other Purple Stripe varieties with their symmetrical clove structure; 4-7 plump cloves are clearly defined without breaking apart the bulb.  Easy-to-peel clove wrappers are a pleasure in the kitchen. These are our favorite strains for roasted garlic! Beautiful purple and chestnut clove wrappers, mottled purple bulb wrappers. Approximately 50 cloves in a pound of seed.


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Plants upright and broader leaved than others. Large bulbil capsule and bulbils. Bulbs nicely colored and very firm. 5-8 large and fat cloves with blushed and lined skins. Long storing. Easy to peel makes this a favorite in the kitchen. One of our favorites for a beautiful roasted garlic. All Marbled Purple Stripes do well in cold climates, but we hear from customers that this one does well in warm climates as well.

Sorry! We are sold out of Metechi for 2014.

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An outstanding strain originally secured by fishermen trading green leafy vegetables with poor peasants who grew only root crops. Very large bulbs due to weak flower stalk at U.S. latitudes. 5 to 7 fat, dark brown cloves.


Sorry! We are sold out of Siberian for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

This garlic is mild and creamy baked, good in mashed potatoes. It also has a nice flavor raw with the heat easing into a burst of flavor. Collected from Khabarofsk, Siberia by Alaskan grower Bob Ellis.

Our price: $8.50

Early emerging, early maturing acquisition from Beltsville, Maryland Agricultural Station. First Purple Stripe to send up a seed stalk.

Sorry! We are sold out of Northe for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

A beautiful new marbled purple stripe. This variety was grown for generations in rural Lithuania and came to us from a customer (remind us who you are!) from her grandmother Danute. Most bulbs have 6 cloves and a deep purple coloration.

Sorry! We are sold out of Lithuanian Purple for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

Very unique rich colored garlic. 2 to 4 large cloves set in a satin finish of purple. Becoming very popular. From Pskem River Valley, Uzbekistan by John Swenson.

Sorry! We are sold out of Pskem for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

Very fat cloves with rose-brown blush. Average 6 cloves per bulb. Long storing. This is the first Purple Stripe to come up in the spring!

Sorry! We are sold out of Brown Rose for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

From the Czech collection of New York grower, Dr. Boris Andrst. Retains garlic flavor when baked. Very spicy raw with the heat building quickly.

Sorry! We are sold out of Bzenc for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

Few cloves, with dark purple-brown clove colors. Flower stalks sometimes red tinged. One of our longest storing Marbled Purple Stripes.

Sorry! We are sold out of Bogatyr for 2014.

Our price: $8.50

From Siberian Botanical Garden. Mild and smooth with good garlic taste when baked. Raw, the heat grabs you!

Sorry! We are sold out of Choparsky for 2014.

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