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Small Potato Garden Pack

For the small garden. Three unique varieties:  Purple Viking, German Butterball, and Banana Fingerling.

1 lb of each variety. 3 lbs total.

*varieties subject to change*


  • Purple Viking-  Purple Viking has a strong following of customers who love it for it's striking apperance and deliousness. Skin is deep purple with pink splashes and inside is bright white. Creamy texture when cooked is great for flaky baked potatoes or smooth mashed potatoes. High yielding, large potatoes. Mid-season 90 days
  • German Butterball-  An heirloom variety with amazing flavor any way you cook it.  Yellow skin and golden flesh. Flaky texture and rich, buttery taste. Mid-Late Season. 100-125 days.
  • Banana Fingerling-  The superstar of the fingerlings and the easiest to grow. Developed in the Baltic Region of Europe/Asia and heralded as excellent for salads, it is a favorite among chefs and gourmet markets. Yellow banana-shaped, waxy tubers with firm texture that have wonderful flavor baked, boiled and steamed. High yielding with good disease resistance. Mid-Season. 90 days.


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