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A large bulbed, full flavored Rocambole grown in Youghiogheny (yock-uh-gain-ee) River Valley in Pennsylvania for over 85 years.


Fall inventory will be updated soon! Please check back in late January 2018.

Our price: $8.50

A strong flavored garlic but not overwhelming; initial hotness mellows to a warm, pleasant, and sweet aftertaste. Our stock was originally from Dacha Barinka in British Columbia. Deep green plants. Dark brown cloves.

We have sold our yield for this season. Please check back in 2018. Similar strains include Penasco Blue.

Our price: $8.50
Yukon Gold Potato

Yellow fleshed and versatile. Thin skinned with buttery flavor. Moderate keeper. 100-125 days.



Our price: $13.50