Creole (Hardneck - not braidable)Creole (Hardneck - not braidable)
Creole Group - Variety Silverskin

Genetically they’re softneck Silverskins that bolt weakly and behave like hardneck garlics. 

Creoles have solid purple cloves, weak flower stalks and small bulbil capsules.  Very beautiful bulbs with brilliant clove colors.  Often sweet tasting and long storing. Will perform best in mild winter climates and southern locations.  Sometimes generically called “Mexican Purple” garlic in southwest USA. In northern climates few bulbs reach 2 to 2 1/4 inches, although we have seen an increase in size over the past few years. Stores approximately 10-12 months. 

One pound of seed garlic will produce approximately 80 plants, though this number may vary widely.

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